Our story

Finns want their saunas near nature. Saunas have their own special place in the hearts of Finnish people. There you can sense the connection between the ancient sauna culture, ancestors and nature.

architect Piotr Gniewek, (2020), author of TYYNI

Going to sauna is a simple, reduced event that brings about great things. It awakens the senses and returns to mind the saved memories of body.

Laatikainen, S. (2019) Saunan kansa, pp. 16-17

Fire, water and wood are the basic conditions for life here in the north. Tyyni sauna offers these ever lasting experiences with knowledge and modern style.

With its linear architecture, calming facade, and expansive windows, Tyyni Sauna invites nature in, allowing users to feel one with their surroundings.

Our saunas are crafted using 9 cm thick CLT elements, leveraging advanced features that pave the way for avant-garde sauna designs.

For a panoramic view without compromising privacy, we use 8mm tempered safety glass windows with a mirrored finish, striking a balance between style and solitude.

The genius behind our elegant aesthetic, Piotr Gniewek, not only studied architecture in Finland but truly imbibed the soul of the Finnish sauna experience.

His designs emphasize meticulous detailing, optimizing space, and enhancing user experience, ensuring that every sauna session becomes an intimate rendezvous with serenity.

In Tyyni Sauna, both the body and mind are revitalized. Contact us, and let's plan together the perfect, modern garden sauna for you!