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Tyyni is a modern outdoor sauna collection where you can experience calmness, in harmony with nature. With years of expertise and precision.

Where Finnish heritage meets elegance

Introducing the Tyyni Sauna Collection, a sublime fusion of Finnish sauna tradition and minimalist architecture. Designed in collaboration with the award-winning architect, Piotr Gniewek, every detail is meticulously crafted. With a focus on elegance, optimized spatial utility, and user experience, we bring to you a masterpiece that's both timeless and modern.


Embodying minimalism yet making a bold statement, Tyyni saunas seamlessly integrate into diverse settings, attributing to their inherent simplicity.


Behind the collection

The designer of the Tyyni collection, Polish architect and product designer Piotr Gniewek, has won several awards for his work. Piotr has been working in his grandparents' workshop since childhood, which has given him a strong foundation in craftsmanship. He has also strengthened his architectural and sauna knowledge by studying and working in Finland.

Piotr finds inspiration for his architecture from nature and various traditions, which serve as the foundation for his concrete designs

Unbeatable CLT

Crafted with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) – the vanguard in wood construction. This sustainable and robust material comprises multiple layers of bonded wooden sheets. It boasts not only environmental benefits but also modern architectural possibilities. Large, panoramic windows can extend to the edges without compromising structural integrity.

Tyyni saunas employ softwood CLT, ideal for contemporary wooden structures owing to its resilience, eco-consciousness, and aesthetic appeal. Its tactile surface is both visually captivating and delightful to touch. And with our top-notch surface treatment, the wood stands resilient to moisture.

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