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Tyyni sauna is a combination of Finnish sauna-culture and modern architecture built with extensive knowledge of building saunas.

Finnish sauna-culture and modern architecture shake hands

New Saunas clear, minimalistic and modern Tyyni sauna collection is actualised with award winning architect Piotr Gniewek. Polished details, optimised space usage and usability have been main guidelines in the design.


Minimalistic yet striking Tyyni saunas fit into a variety of environments thanks to its simplicity

Behind the collection

The designer of the Tyyni collection, Polish architect and product designer Piotr Gniewek, has won several awards for his work. Piotr has been working in his grandparents' workshop since childhood, which has given him a strong foundation in craftsmanship. He has also strengthened his architectural and sauna knowledge by studying and working in Finland.

Piotr finds inspiration for his architecture from nature and various traditions, which serve as the foundation for his concrete designs


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Unbeatable CLT

Cross laminated timber is a advanced step towards the future of wood construction. Environmentally friendly and durable CLT consists of multiple glued wood sheets. CLT elements advanced features enable modern structural solutions. Large window holes can be drawn out to the corners without flexibility features getting suffered.

The CLT use in Tyyni saunas is made from softwood. CLT fits perfectly modern wood constructions due to itse durability, environmental friendliness and stylish appearance. The surface of the element is visually beautiful and feels pleasing. After high-quality surface treatment CLT resists moisture well.